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As a leader:

Don't Go It Alone: Daniel Levin Quartet (Riti Records, 2003)

Some Trees: Daniel Levin Quartet (HatOLOGY, 2006)

Fuhuffah: Daniel Levin Trio (Clean Feed, 2007)

Blurry: Daniel Levin Quartet (HatOLOGY, 2008)

Live At Roulette: Daniel Levin Quartet (Clean Feed, 2009)

Bacalhau: Daniel Levin Quartet (Clean Feed, 2010)

Organic Modernism: Daniel Levin Quartet (Clean Feed, 2011)

Inner Landscape: Daniel Levin Solo (Clean Feed, 2011)

Friction: Daniel Levin Quartet (Clean Feed, 2015)

Live At Firehouse 12: Daniel Levin Quartet (Clean Feed, 2017)

Living: Daniel Levin Solo (Smeraldina-Rima, 2017) 


Natural Disorder: Rob Brown / Daniel Levin (Not Two, 2010)

Soulstorm: Ivo Perelman / Daniel Levin / Torbjorn Zetterberg (Clean Feed, 2010)

The Flower and The Bear: Daniel Levin / Tim Daisy (Relay, 2011)

Turbulent Flow: Gianni Mimmo / Daniel Levin (Amirami, 2012)

Day in the Life of a City: Rob Brown / Daniel Levin / Jacek Mazerciewicz (Multikulti, 2014)

Illusion of Truth: Daniel Levin / Juan Pablo Carletti (OutNow, 2015)

Divergent Paths: Rob Brown / Daniel Levin (Cipsela, 2015)

The Transcendent Function: Daniel Levin / Mat Maneri (Clean Feed, 2015)

Spinning Jenny: Daniel Levin + Ingebrigt Håker Flaten + Chris Corsano (TROST, 2017)

New Artifacts: Tony Malaby / Mat Maneri / Daniel Levin (Clean Feed, 2017)

Stomiidae: Daniel Levin / Chris Pitsiokos / Brandon Seabrook (Dark Tree, 2018)


Selected Recordings as a Sideman:

Sounds: Rob Brown Trio (Clean Feed, 2007)

Live at Firehouse 12: Rob Brown Trio (Not Two, 2009)

Planet Dream: Steve Swell / Rob Brown / Daniel Levin (Clean Feed, 2009)

The Magic Door: Michael Marcus Ensemble (Not Two, 2007)

Red Morocco: Joe Giardullo Open Ensemble (RogueArt, 2007)

Towards the Unknown: Yusef Latef / Adam Rudolph (Meta, 2010)

Enter the Continent: Masashi Harada Conduction Ensemble (EMANEM, 2000)